Services for Slightly Used or Older Pianos

Half-day and Full-Day Service

New pianos come from the factory with all adjustments set to the factory specifications. This assures that the piano is playing at its  best. Over time, the piano’s adjustments change and parts wear and the piano does not play as it once did. Older pianos will be  out of adjustment to a greater degree than a newer piano and possibly need repairs.

Scheduling a large block of time allows several areas of need to be addressed in a single appointment.  Maybe the piano needs cleaning, hammer filing, regulation touch up, maybe a couple of hammers have broken off. Perhaps the piano needs voicing because its tone is unpleasant. Maybe you want more than just the piano tuned but don’t know what is needed.

Requesting a block of time will allow the technician to determine the need and priority of  the service needed to bring the piano into much better playing  condition. Neither option permits enough time to fix everything, but it will bring the  performance to a higher level.

Price: Half-day service (4 hours) $360

Price: Full-day service (8 hours) $640